So, you want to be a Pretzel?

So, you want to be a Pretzel?

Could Your Product Become the Next Pretzel!? Who doesn’t want that kind of recognition?

The Pretzel is undoubtedly the most quintessentially German of all German pastries; easily recognisable and much loved worldwide. Some might say (and a lot of Germans certainly do) that there is nothing better than a sunny afternoon spent enjoying an ice-cold beer with some fresh, buttery Pretzels. Absolutely delicious! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your product could reach a similar level of recognition within Germany, evoking the same comforting familiarity as the humble pretzel?

Why couldn’t it? Let’s take a look at how the Pretzel became… the Pretzel!

Did you know that Pretzels come in both sweet and savoury varieties? Not only that, you can tell from the shape of the Pretzel’s loop where it comes from. Interestingly, the Pretzel actually started out its life as a dish reserved for Lent. It is believed that its origins are traced back to a ban on pagan baked goods (such as a sun wheel) dating back to the Synod of Estinnes (referred to as the “Council of Leptinä”) in the year 743. Thus, the Pretzel was created to serve as a substitute.

Isn’t that amazing? This delicious, twisty baked goodness that we all know and love began as a response to a ban of other pastries? Sometimes, a ‘market restriction’ calls for a creative solution. In this particular case, to market the product in a new way! As a result, not only is the pastry still distributed as before, but the Pretzel variation has gained tremendous popularity that has continued for more than 1000 years without any sign of slowing down. The popularity of the Pretzel is still on the rise worldwide. You could say, whoever banned the original Pagan pastry, definitely has egg on their face now!

So how can you make your product this appealing for your German consumers?

Of course, to literally take on the Pretzel you would be in a particularly favourable position if your product could be looped! But what if you offer car injectors, shoes or even furniture, which do not have the usual tasty Pretzel shape? Needless to say, you might have a problem trying to strong arm your new trendy sofas into the pastry market. Never despair though, McDonalds also had no Pretzels on offer and still made a big impact in the German-speaking markets (and everywhere else!)

Different Flavours for Different Palates

What is important to note, is that a McDonalds burger tastes very different in Germany than it does in the US, Turkey or even China. This also applies to other iconic products like Coca-Cola and Guinness. Each of these globally successful brands have realised one very important fact: different people want different things! So, they have adapted their products to suit each different target market.

This is exactly what FaustTranscreations can do for your marketing material: make it appealing to your German audiences!

We find out what sets your brand apart from the others in the German speaking markets. Our expert transcreators help your product to stand out and be remembered.

We’re here to help. Invest in focused German marketing.

You Pretzel!

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