What is Your German Marketing Strategy?

What is Your German Marketing Strategy?

Can you handle the truth?

Let’s not beat around the bush. You know your business. Let’s do straight talk. You can deal with facts. Ramblings will not only cost you a lot of time, but a lot of money and probably your job in the end.

As a business, you invest a lot of money and effort into researching, developing and producing new and competitive products. That is absolutely necessary. Without top quality products your brand would have no hope for success!

Your production process is inevitably accompanied by high expenses for administration, marketing and sales. You need a good team of people to sell your products. So much thought and strategy goes into discovering the right marketing angle, how to best resonate with your target demographic so that they choose your product over the competition.

Marketing Strategy isn’t just for your English-speaking markets! 

All of the associated costs for trade fair stands, brochures, flyers, advertisements, marketing agencies, web designers, photographers and copywriters to help your brand stand out in a saturated marketplace are astronomically high but oh so necessary. Yet you don’t scrimp and save, because you know that effective marketing often means the difference between success and failure, and that age of adage holds true: you get what you pay for.

What happens when you step into a new market? Why drop the ball now? 

So, your business savvy has gotten you to the point of expanding into new, fresh markets. That’s incredible. You spent an enormous amount of time, invested wisely in high quality marketing, – and yet when it comes to foreign markets, too many, just like you who understand the true value of their content at home, compare the price for translations and transcreations and choose to go with the cheapest solution!

Of course, transcreation is significantly more expensive than traditional translation, a lot more in percentage terms, but in absolute terms it’s peanuts!

There is only one way to market any product successfully: to make your customer feel a certain way, not just hear your words. 

We understand that for better or worse, buyers don’t make decisions rationally. This myth was debunked some time ago. They let their gut decide for them, buying what they feel they want, even if that’s not necessarily what they need! An interesting phenomenon indeed.

Above all, your potential customers make purchasing decisions both unconsciously and immediately. This is as fascinating as it is funny: your potential customer has already decided to buy even before he or she becomes aware of this fact. On the contrary, people only set the rational reasons for their purchase later on, in order to justify their decision to themselves, if you will.

What does that mean for you? You have to grab your customer’s attention. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

You don’t need to convince your customer to buy using rational explanations. You could talk for hours, but the decision to buy or not is ultimately made within the first few seconds.

Do you know what to say to your German consumers? Can you catch their attention and capture their imagination? Success is closer than you think.

The German speaking market can be yours. Talk to us today.

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